the purple chime, means I must make the time,
to embrace the sentiment reflecting tomorrow,
to avoid the dangers of accepting the sorrow,
so I can keep a safe distance from all the memories.

turning the tracks, trying to avoid the cracks,
disappoint your ruling, how you see myself,
lying through the skin of my self wealth,
so I can keep a safe distance from all our memories.

frozen in the cold, waiting for time to unfold,
with decisions to make, to stay or to go,
the summer will tell, but the choice will be slow,
so I can keep a safe distance from all the memories.

embezzled through trust, a blindness from lust,
opportunities to leave, starting from a new source,
cause I don’t feel like we are running our course,
so I can keep a safe distance from all the memories.


Faces – Day Nine

faces – clamoring, soluble, absolute and refrained.
attacked through the door, slanted and reserved.
the signalled lifetime of failure shown by expression.
paleness staring, unable to hide the desolate chasm.

faces – judging, staring, pissed and afraid.
obsolete circles staining their way onto another brain.
spoken in thought through the reading of minds.
love and sentiment has no place here.

faces – black, confused, depressed and drugged.
underneath the populism gaze, awaiting consequence.
actions of lust provoking intellect through time.
until the eternal wait provides an answer.

searching for hight
the spectacular sight,
look southward to view
pure moments with you,

the heath to the north
our journey set forth,
we were blown in the air
with no reason to care,

thoughts from one case
when I felt your embrace,
the perfectness of touch
engrossed in your clutch,

together we felt
our feelings just melt,
whilst euphoric on grass
letting time pass.

the seven shades tangentially hurl across the open desert.
an uncontrolled, unified destiny moving towards shore.
a turquoise plain, streaming thoughtlessly into oblivion.
encapsulating danger, violent and sincere.

temperament changing through incurable circumstance.
making one shade override with negative outcome.
only here will the liquid cluster and fall.
the incalculable ride, forceful in nature.

reputation upheld through the thought of one being.
the disposition of the remaining six shades wonders.
through the guided eyes of the traveller.
stamping affection into the heart of another.

the shy giant of the wilderness sneaks and preys, courting the next fix.
tame in nature, though ferocious and bold through unfair dictations.
matted and muddy, with stains echoing the confused landscape.
confined in the eye of tomorrows desolate and solitary winter.

cheating a way through life, just to avoid unjustified confrontation.
a prejudiced vision stemming from the sport of big-game hunting.
though patience and fear the shy giant waits to embark on life.
enduring challenged vitality through the luxuriate expense of man.

walking past the open ground,
from behind I hear a sound.
cousin Sam running over to me,
to give me a wedgie for a to see.

embarrassed and proud I resist,
but then his friends come to assist.
hanging from the fence of shame,
with nobody but myself to blame.

the balls pop out the cheeks get cold,
but no one saw, so I am told.
I swang my arms and striked his face,
and covered myself to leave no trace.

girls all watched and laughed out loud,
so I walked alone, standing proud.
though I felt degraded for a while,
it gave me this poem, so I can smile.

I don’t know where I’m gonna be tomorrow,
I said, I don’t know where I’m gonna be tomorrow,
but I hope when I move it won’t end in sorrow.

I miss the waves on the shoreline,
I said, I miss the waves on the shoreline,
but the thought about leavin makes me feel fine.

I’ve got debts flying over my head,
I said, I’ve got debts flying over my head,
but I’d rather leave and start over instead.

I need time to make up my decision,
I said, I need time to make up my decision,
but in my mind I have a vision.